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Wiser Financial Advisors was founded by three Estonian entrepreneurs Riivo Anton, Gerri Kodres and Meelis Niinepuu. Our aim is to assist companies in growth by providing them with seed funds and exclusive know-how and experience of our partners. We are not an investment fund and therefore we are less bureaucratic and more flexible. We are entrepreneurs investing our own money. 

Investment Focus

Our typical target is a company that makes a difference. It must have a dedicated team and clear competitive advantage. It would be great if the company has earned some revenues or has some traction as proof of the business case before we invest. We look for projects within B2B space. Typically, we prefer to participate in pre-seed and seed rounds. 


Our aim is to be an active investor and go beyond financing. We are happy to join consortium or syndicates of investors for specific projects. In limited cases we offer to be the lead investor. We are not limited to any specific instrument - we are experienced in equity financing, convertible loans or hybrid instruments.

During the pre-investment assessment we focus on analyzing the team, business model and technology of the project. Once we have invested, we prefer to participate actively in the development of the company. Usually, we would require a seat in the supervisory board. We are ready to provide our portfolio companies with additional know-how in strategy setting, international sales and marketing, financial analysis, fund-raising and other crucial areas of business operations.

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